Progressive Taijiquan

Progressive Taijiquan is a new training method I have created in order to practice and teach Taijiquan.


  1. The Secrets of Taijiquan are contained in the biographies of its masters.
  2. Taiji comes from Wuji.
  3. Silk Reeling is the fundamental skill of Taijiquan.
  4. Don’t forget your goals (don’t stop halfway; from Taiji come the 13 postures).
  5. Everything is contained in the form.
  6. The form is a series of qigong.
  7. Any deficiencies in the form may be fixed with functional progressive qigong exercises.
  8. Push Hands is the sole criterion for examination, testing and verification of the Form and Taijiquan skill in general.
  9. Push Hands is not Fighting.
  10. Heaven and Earth will conspire to help a moral and upright person find the way.


Honorary Principles

I’ve occasionally found lists of principles written by far greater men than I. I include them here as a reference.

Sun Zhonghua’s Ten Stumbling Blocks

As I found them in the blog post “Gongfu and Technqiues“.

There are many factors that are stumbling blocks on your quest.

  1. The routine is faulty.
  2. The teacher does not have the goods or he is not willing to share.
  3. You do not train hard enough.
  4. Your training is intermittent.
  5. You are not patient and therefore you quit.
  6. For fame and money you lose sight of what you are training for.
  7. You are double-faced with your master.
  8. Rely on your physical ability and do not pay due attention to skill and gongfu.
  9. You do not do enough research to enable understanding.
  10. You are unethical, jealous, proud, ruthless and harsh.