Tai Chi History: IV. True Stage

From Chen Wangting to Chen Changxing, from the 9th generation to the 14th, Chenjiagou had the record of this stage.

The record from this time is in Chen Wangting’s Tai Chi Ballad, where we read “Wearing armor and holding weapons to fight against brigands” and “No matter what the opponent changes I will change my trick”. In these lines, the Chinese words “Zhukao” means the skill, and twisting and winding (chanlao) means chansigong. Such a sentance shows at that time it is the embryonic stage of Tai Chi boxing in Chenjiagou. It has been mature since Chen Wangting.

Generation by generation, all have stereotypes, and all have reliable history, and last to the 14th generation Chen Changxing. Since him, there is reliable historical basis, which can be shown due to the prosperous times in Chenjiagou because of their boxing. Therefore, since there is a reliable record of this time from Chen Wangting to Chen Changxing, we call this the “True History Stage”.

from “Lecture on Chen Style Tai Chi” by Zhu Tiancai.