History Lineage

Wu Yi Jie He Family System

Notes: The current lineage successor is the granddaughter of the founder, Grandmaster Wu Xiao-Rong.


  1. Da Shi Wang Zi Ping
  2. Madame Wang Ju Rong and Dr. Wu Cheng De.
  3. Grandmaster Helen Wu Xiao Rong and GM Simon Hu Ze Hua
    1. (Also, GM Grace Xiaogao Wu-Monnat, GM Lucy Xiaoping Wu)
  4. Fourth Generation
    1. There are many (close to 20) people in the fourth generation, for example:
    2. Sifu Julien Valiquette of “Montreal Tai Chi” and “Montreal Kung Fu”
    3. Steve Higgins of “Cold Mountain Tai Chi and Qigong”
    4. Mr. George Picard of “The Village of Healing and Wellness”
    5. Jill Heath
    6. Myself
  5. Other’s students, and my students: Neo and Arwen.